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Let us help you with your storm damage insurance claims in McKinney, TX.

How It Works

Communicating directly with your insurance company is the last thing you want to do when you’re dealing with the aftermath of a bad storm. Don’t put anymore stress on your plate. Let Promise Restoration guide you through your insurance claims. Whether your roof is affected by wind damage or hail damage, we can help.

Making sure you get the assistance you deserve is what we do best. If you need guidance with your storm damage insurance claim, call now to speak with a member of our team. We will get your situation sorted out quickly and painlessly.

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What Type of Damage is Covered?
This is a common question many people have. While every insurance is different, there are some more common forms of damage that are typically covered.


If your roof has been damaged by rain, hail, lightning or wind, your insurance company will most likely pay for it. If the damage is due to negligence when it comes to keeping the roof clear of debris and water, you may not get any compensation. However, the burden of proof of cause does fall on the insurance company to prove.

Act of God

Forest fires, flooding, lightning strikes and other natural disasters are traditionally considered acts of God. This means that there is no way to prevent the damage caused and it is completely unpredictable in nature. Insurance companies will cover these events.


When it comes to fire and smoke damage from accidents and arson, most insurance policies cover the damage. This typically includes roofs– be it damage from the fire or from water damage due to the event.
Call Our Roofing Insurance Experts First

If your home has been damaged by an act of God, weather, fire or anything in between, you need to call us first. Homeowners mistakenly think they should call their insurance company first, but that can work against you in the long run.

Promise Restoration has a team of professionals that are more knowledgeable and skilled than insurance adjusters, and we can provide a detailed evaluation of damages with a complete estimate for repairs. If the costs are more than your insurance deductible, we will directly work with your insurance company to file the claim.

Let Us Alleviate Your Stress

When Promise Restoration’s team of experts are contacted prior to the insurance company, it enables us to take the reigns from the start–and to take some of the stress off of your shoulders. If the damage was caused by your own neglect, we will tell you immediately.

Oftentimes, if an insurance agent identifies this type of damage, it will be filed as a claim even if they don’t pay for it. This will cause your insurance premium to go up after you yourself have paid for the damages. Call us today to save your time, money and headaches.

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