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When your roof is damaged, it puts your entire home at risk. Avoid water damage or pest infestation by getting roof repair from Promise Restoration. Whether your roof has punctures from a bad hail storm or aging shingles, you can count on us to provide individualized service when you need it in McKinney, TX and the surrounding areas.

Even the most basic repairs can dramatically extend the life of your roof, so it’s not something you should neglect. Small leaks can easily lead to mold, mildew or even flooding, and that’s not a risk worth taking. Our expert roof repair services will have your roof in full working order, no matter what the weather throws your way.

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When Your Roof Needs Quick Repairs

We fix damage from all inclement weather and debris caused by storms. Fungal or algal growth can cause your roof to develop leaks, so we address these conditions that lead to it happening in the first place for accurate estimates on anything.

Roof Repairs With Promise Restoration

You deserve to live in safety and comfort without worry. Schedule an appointment with Promise Restoration for any necessary repairs or maintenance on your home, including shingle replacement if needed.
Signs Your Roof Needs Repairs
You may be experiencing any of the signs below. It could mean that your roof needs repair. The pros at Restoration Roofing can help keep water out and fix leaks in windows or doors, so you don’t have to worry about moisture.

Leaking Roof

A roof is a vital component of any home, and when it’s damaged or failing, water can quickly cause more problems. If you notice leaks above your head in the Ceiling, don’t wait until they’ve gotten worse before contacting Promise Restoration.

Damaged / Missing Shingles

Missing shingles can have a significant impact on your curb appeal, compromising the integrity of your roof. This repair will save you money in the long run by protecting it against water damage.

Fascia/Soffit Damage

A sagging or detached fascia is a severe problem that can affect your home’s structural integrity. Rotted wood, wind damage, and rusted nails are all risks of having this type of issue on the roof over your head.

Storm Damage

Significant damage from downed trees, wind, and rain requires emergency repair. Day or night, we will come to safely tarp your roof as soon as possible, so you don’t have a bad leak ruining things for insulation.

Whatever your roof needs, we can provide you with a long-lasting product. Our team is here to help. Do not let early signs of degradation go unnoticed; call us right away if:

Wet, dark, or dirty shingles

Water is leaking behind the shingles, and it’s causing them to be ineffective. There are cracks in your roof, which could lead to water seepage or rain penetration through neighboring areas.

Shingle granules in gutters

Composite or asphalt shingles shed when they are worn out. These sheddings get in your gutter to cause harmful blockages.

Wear and tear

We’ve seen a lot of different things inside our chimneys, from neglectful owners to natural wear and tear. The good news is that we efficiently fix these with routine maintenance services.

Peeling exterior

As soon as the paint starts peeling away, there’s something wrong with your home. This is usually caused by moisture or increased humidity in an attic, leading to mold growing on top of it.

Staining on walls

Your roof is likely to have been compromised and needs repairs now. Water stains or discoloration on the ceilings can come from many things. Get in touch with Promise Restoration to find and eliminate the stain from getting any worse.

Light within your roof rafters

If light can penetrate your attic, so can water, which will spell disaster for the property. The attic is a vulnerable spot for water, and if you find that it leaks into your home’s structure, then there will be immense damage done. Water can cause extensive mold growth, which in turn damages building materials such as drywall or insulation.

Sagging Roof Deck

Sagging decking or rafters in the attic may signify that you need to call promise restoration help. The integrity of these areas has been compromised by water damage, which can cause more structural problems down below.

Higher energy bills

A spike in your bills can point to a leak somewhere. This could lead you on the costly path if left untreated for too long. Call Promise Restoration to help you identify the leak and fix the problem quickly and efficiently.
Types Of Damages

Wind Damage

Storms can cause problems for your home’s roof. They may rip off, break off or loosen shingles while they’re bringing in large amounts of debris like rocks and dirt onto the house itself. Storm damage is always something you should never take lightly because this type of disaster could lead to costly repairs.

Water Damage

Water can also cause significant damage to your roof. Not only can water find an opening and penetrate your water barrier to cause damage inside, but moisture can get under the roofing and cause rot, mold, and mildew. Heavy rain can damage both damage roofing and exploit any damage that already exists to make matters worse.

UV Damage

The Sun can be another source of roof problems. The damage happens gradually over months or years as high heat slowly weakens shingles – especially if you have no attic ventilation to reduce its effect! Installing quality underlayment between your home’s siding and roofs decking is critical in preventing further degradation from occurring.

Wear and Tear

In as little as 20 years, old roofing will have been through enough wear and tear that it can no longer protect the home from rain. Asphalt shingle roofs eventually begin to show their age, with cracks in slabs becoming frequent occurrences for homeowners after just a few decades of use-life expectancy is 25 or 30 years at most.

Fire Damage

A fire can permanently damage your home, even if only a portion of it was burned. Ensure that you can restore the building to its original state and look exactly how it did before all this happened. It’s recommended to replace any damaged roofing shingle with another type, so they blend in well.
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Your roof is the key to your home’s safety. If it doesn’t work, everything in it will be vulnerable and at risk for damage or destruction, but with Promise Restoration by your side, you can trust that all of our services are designed to help make sure this never happens.

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